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Website maintenance service: on-demand and plans

Do you want to bring your website up-to-date?

Do you want to improve the performance of your website?

Do you want an experienced technical team member?

Are you a budget-conscious business owner?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, choose us for high quality and reliable website support services.

Outdated website? Website maintenance is just as important as launching or having a business website. Without regular website updates, information on the website is outdated. Outdated information often results in lost sales or inquires. A potential customer looking at a business website is more likely to contact a business when the displayed information is up-to-date and compatible with current browsing technologies.

We offer two basic options to keep website information current:

  1. Website service on-demand
  2. Website maintenance plan

1. Website service on-demand

If your website does not require regular updates, consider our on-demand website maintenance service. Our basic website maintenance service starts at $49 per request*.

Features & benefits

  • No contract
    Pay only when you use our service.
  • Adaptive solution
    Whether you have a start-up or an established business, benefit from our website services that can be customized to your unique or changing needs.
  • Content editing
    You supply. We upload. As you direct us, we add, remove, or update the content of your website. This means we upload images and documents, create new web pages, edit videos, optimize your website to boost website traffic, and more.
  • Fast service
    In most cases, we deliver promised services within 48 hours.
  • Technical support
    With access to experienced technical staff means we are ready to serve when you need us.

* No more than 1 static web page per request. Each service request guarantees up to 1 hour of labor time. Service one for one website only; additional websites or work requests exceeding these limits is billed extra. For some websites, a one-time $99 setup fee may apply. This fee will be applied to the minimum billing rate.

2. Website maintenance plans

If you regularly need changes made to your website, consider one of our website maintenance plans. Our professional website service plans start at just $49 a month. Our plans include all the popular website support services such as website updates, email marketing, search engine optimization, banner productions, video editing, and more. These website services are perfect for small businesses that don’t have in-house website expertise. For less than a few dollars a day, you can have your website up-to-date and monitored all year round.

Features & benefits

  • Long-term contracted service
    Ensures that you have at least one year of uninterrupted website maintenance service
  • Cost
    Fixed and affordable billing. No need to hire a full-time web consultant. Choose the most affordable monthly service plan for one or more year.
  • Content editing
    You supply. We upload. As you direct us, we edit the content of your website. This means we upload images and documents, create new web pages, edit videos, optimize your website to boost website traffic, and more.
  • Technical support
    With access to experienced technical staff means your questions never go unanswered.

Our website maintenance plans† offer:

Turnaround 72 hours 48 hours 24 hours
# of requests* Up to 10 Up to 15 Up to 20
Email newsletter design $50 flat fee 1 per month 2 per month
Email contacts per campaign per month N/A 0-200 201-500
Limited video/graphic editing No Yes Yes
Website stats analysis review Once every six months Once every two months Once every month
Broken links analysis Once every six months Once every two months Once every month
Try it!

†Offer is not valid for prior purchases or current clients. For new business clients only. Limit: one promotional offer per client/wesbite. This offer may not be combined with any other offer or discount. This is a promotional price.

* Adding, removing, or updating of one instance of content is considered one request. For example, adding of a PDF to a site is considered one request. Removing of that PDF from the site is considered another request. Form processing, programming services, flash/animations, copywriting and other advanced features are extra. These services are not covered under these website maintenance plans.

Common questions

Q: What do your website maintenance services cover?
A: Our website maintenance services cover basic website support services such as adding, removing, or updating of a webpage. Services requiring web form processing, website programming, flash/animations, copywriting and other advanced features are available for extra but reasonable fees.
Q: Who supplies the content for my website?
A: Beyond our technical capabilities to supply custom website and software solutions, we are not able to offer any writing services for your website. All written material for your website must be supplied by you in an electronic format (Microsoft Word, email, etc).
Q: How often should I update my website?
A: You should have your website updated to reflect the changes in your organization or offerings. Suppose you no longer offer a particular product. This product should be removed from your website or better yet updated with information about a new/replacement product.
Q: Can I stay with my current website hosting company?
A: Yes. In most cases, you don't have to change your website hosting company. We will work with your existing hosting company to make updates to your website. If necessary and so desired, we can upgrade your website hosting to one of our reliable hosting providers.
Q: Why should I choose Techna Center for website maintenance?
  • We work with small businesses like yours and provide cost effective solutions. We pride ourselves in tailoring our services to all budget requirements.
  • What you will discover is making the switch to our services is easy and fast.
  • Look beyond the prices. Remember we have extensive experience.
  • We offer superior and reliable service. Moreover, we offer exclusive savings / discounts on our other technical services.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will refund your money. If you are not satisfied with our service, just cancel your service within 30 days of signing up.

Service agreement: "contract"

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