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Windows software prototype for preparing and printing custom mass campaigns

February 26, 2013
For immediate release

Techna Center, LLC has developed software prototype to prepare and print mass personalized letters, offers, flyers, envelopes, and more. The latest solution from Techna Center:

  • Automatically generates multiple documents at a time
  • Decreases workload with minimum user’s involvement
  • Keeps track of what has or has not been printed
  • Supports adding of multiple contacts at a time
  • Stores contacts for future use
  • Provides estimated cost information for a particular campaign project
  • Can be custom-built to a user's needs

When it comes to printing and mailing campaigns, personalization is the key. For small business owners, presenting personalized campaigns is only a challenging task, if it’s done in-house or at-all. Manually preparing letters to one hundred targeted customers not only takes hours but also is an error-prone task. It is a time-consuming process because to create the first letter the recipient’s information must be manually copied or entered and then the letter can be printed or saved. For the second letter, the information for the first recipient needs to be replaced with the second recipient’s information, only then the letter becomes ready for printing. Similarly, the third letter, fourth letter, and so on needs to be prepared and printed. In the process of repeating these steps, mistakes are often made. For example, one recipient’s information could be mixed with another.

Printing on envelops or preparing labels for mailings is not also an easy task for larger campaigns.

The software offers a quick solution to prepare multiple documents and envelopes at a time by eliminating the manual steps involved. Here is how:

  1. A list of multiple contacts can be added at a time to the software.
  2. Then, at the time of printing, the software extracts the contacts information to prepare and print the documents and envelopes
Generating letters and envelopes is effortless   Generating letters and envelopes is effortless
Generating letters and envelopes is so effortless that it takes longer to stuff the envelopes than to print.

"So what takes hours or even days is essentially reduced to minutes", noted Raj Singh, General Manager. Singh added "before sending a print job to the printer, the user can browse through each prepared letter to verify correctness and completeness. Once I tell the program to generate 50 letters, I can go to lunch and when I return, printing is done for me. In developing of the software one of our goals was to eliminate errors and manual work. I am very confident and proud that we have achieved effortless campaign printing and tracking because we can add hundreds of new customers to our mailing list and prepare special offers with a click of a few buttons. Our website has a video showing the software in action."

Thanks to Techna Center, LLC, preparing and printing personalized campaigns is effortless and only clicks away now. For software questions or quotes, please contact Raj Singh at raj@technacenter.com.

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