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Techna Center, LLC announces eUpdates

We are excited to announce the eUpdates feature to deliver DW specials, tips, advise, and other news worthy items to subscriber's inbox. To sign up, please access this page to complete and submit your subscription details. We respect the privacy of our subscribers. Therefore, any information that is sent to us using the subscription page will be used for sending eUpdates.

By subscribing to the eUpdates, subscribers can expect, when possible, to receive:

  • notable updates to our website or blog,
  • special offers,
  • highlights of the new topics or posts,
  • news / announcements,
  • results of our polls, and
  • any other information to help your business excel online.

To sign up, we require each subscriber to provide the following information:

  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • Email,
  • Company / organization (if applicable),
  • State (if the subscriber is in USA), and
  • Country

However, only the first name, last name, and email are required to receive eUpdates from DW. Other fields are optional.


To unsubscribe from our eUpdates list, simply visit this page. Enter your last name and email address and submit the form. Once submitted, we will immediately and permanently remove you from our emailing list. Please wait for the confirmation before you exit our website or close the browser window.

If your input (last name and/or email address) does not match our records, our system will not be able to remove you from our eUpdates list. Therefore, please be sure to submit the same information you used when subscribing to our eUpdates.

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